Some of you may be wondering what the MV Night Out project is all about. The answer to that question is something a bit more than many of you would expect. It would be too simple an answer to say that it is about music. Yes, music is at the center of what we are doing here, and we are going to celebrate the amazing local music scene we have in the Mahoning Valley. Why wouldn’t we? We have a thriving culture of music here, and it is not publicized nearly enough. Look at what the Amp does every year. We pack that place to watch bands play covers. Yes, they are tribute bands, and it is a popular niche market, but it shows the incredible market of music lovers in our area who are eager to lay down their worries for a night and just let the music take them somewhere. We don’t need a big outdoor venue to enjoy that; although, I am certainly glad we have it. It is a great place that puts on great shows.

     The MV Night Out project was conceived as the formation of a vast network for local music and the venues who host that music. We have a small team that will grow larger as we go, and this really is a team effort. We are not out to compete with anyone or anything. We welcome other sites to post links and coordinate with us, if they so wish. The tribal feuds in the Valley have held us back long enough. We are an awesome people who never quit; never give up. We keep coming, and whether it be country or rock, we rock out. There is really only one rule here, and that is everything is to stay positive. We must encourage and praise each other. It must be a family, or it doesn’t work. We will support each band, and the established groups can help our local scene grow even stronger by helping the up-and-coming bands to stick with it and grow. There is nothing in the water anywhere else that makes their musicians better than ours. There are no hormones in their beef that make their people more appreciative of good music. They have nothing we don’t have other than a more organized and broad network. MV Night Out was created to start changing that.

     This site will grow, and this Facebook group needs to grow with it. Our small team of four cannot make this happen on our own. This is YOUR gathering place to work together to create something special for our people. Nobody is coming into the valley to give us a damn thing. If we are to have something special here, we have to create that thing ourselves. I have watched you all play. Our team has gotten to know many of you. We look forward to becoming your friends. We are building this with the belief that you all are willing to work together to build a network that encourages and nurtures good music. Prove us right. We believe you love the people who come to watch you play. Prove us right. We think the Mahoning Valley is a place of amazing people who can build a family in a time of economic uncertainty; a family that loves and cares for each other.

Prove us right.






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